Ultimate T-Girl Tour Updates http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/ UtimateTgirl.com is your ultimate destination for the most tempting, titillating and delicious shemales on the web. American, Asian and Latin - whichever flavour you prefer! You will find them all at UltimateTGirl.com. en-us Renata Aravjo http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=19776&sid=1080 <div class='rssimg'><a href='http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=19776&sid=1080'><img src='http://static.pistolmedia.com/htdocs/faceimages/faceimage1279260925.jpg' /></a></div>In her first video for UTG, Renata goes all out, getting fingered, rimmed and finally fucked as she lies back in her chair and let's that bald lover of hers have his way with that ass. Don't miss this new girl getting broken in.<br /><br /><span class='rssdets'>Images: 20 pics<br />Site: Ultimate T-Girl<br />Rating: 3.25<br /></span> UTG Brazilian Videos http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=19776&sid=1080 Sat, 24 Jun 2017 00:00:00 EDT Som http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=23185&sid=1082 <div class='rssimg'><a href='http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=23185&sid=1082'><img src='http://static.pistolmedia.com/htdocs/faceimages/faceimage1289285533.jpg' /></a></div>Som makes her debut with a stunning suck and fuck set, taking a cock incredibly well up her T-Girl hole for the camera. <br /><br /><span class='rssdets'>Images: 177 pics<br />Site: Ultimate T-Girl<br />Rating: 4.37<br /></span> UTG Thai Pics http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=23185&sid=1082 Thu, 22 Jun 2017 00:00:00 EDT Pet and Alex Junior http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=18869&sid=1084 <div class='rssimg'><a href='http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=18869&sid=1084'><img src='http://static.pistolmedia.com/htdocs/faceimages/faceimage1271102134.jpg' /></a></div>Pet is so delicate and precious-looking in this video, it seems almost a shame to have both her ends penetrated with cock. Oh, who are we kidding? We love seeing this new Asian T-Girl get what's coming to her. She gets completely skewered whether it's while she's sucking or being fucked, and we bet she loved every inch.<br /><br /><span class='rssdets'>Video Length: 14 mins<br />Images: 20 pics<br />Site: Ultimate T-Girl<br />Rating: 2.88<br /></span> UTG Thai Videos http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=18869&sid=1084 Sat, 17 Jun 2017 00:00:00 EDT Grazielle and Felix Stulbach http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=18846&sid=1077 <div class='rssimg'><a href='http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=18846&sid=1077'><img src='http://static.pistolmedia.com/htdocs/faceimages/faceimage1270953249.jpg' /></a></div>Lady in red Grazielle may tower over her lover but she's letting him take all the control as he forces his tool deep inside her. This is a blonde T-girl that knows how to satisfy a lover.<br /><br /><span class='rssdets'>Images: 254 pics<br />Site: Ultimate T-Girl<br />Rating: 2.00<br /></span> UTG Brazilian Pics http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=18846&sid=1077 Fri, 16 Jun 2017 00:00:00 EDT Carla Novaes http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=19739&sid=1080 <div class='rssimg'><a href='http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=19739&sid=1080'><img src='http://static.pistolmedia.com/htdocs/faceimages/faceimage1278639159.jpg' /></a></div>Carla props herself up on her partner's cock and rides that tool in reverse cowgirl position in a stellar performance in this video. As he lover sucks on her tit, she's focused on devouring all that meat up her well-trained ass.<br /><br /><span class='rssdets'>Images: 20 pics<br />Site: Ultimate T-Girl<br />Rating: 3.96<br /></span> UTG Brazilian Videos http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=19739&sid=1080 Sat, 10 Jun 2017 00:00:00 EDT Wi http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=20944&sid=1082 <div class='rssimg'><a href='http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=20944&sid=1082'><img src='http://static.pistolmedia.com/htdocs/faceimages/faceimage1285655915.jpg' /></a></div>Mature Asian T-Girl Wi gets up close and personal with Alex's cock in this debut shoot. Looking intimately into her lover's eyes, you can tell she lives to be pounded. <br /><br /><span class='rssdets'>Images: 108 pics<br />Site: Ultimate T-Girl<br />Rating: 3.45<br /></span> UTG Thai Pics http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=20944&sid=1082 Thu, 08 Jun 2017 00:00:00 EDT Nam and Nadia http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=18716&sid=1084 <div class='rssimg'><a href='http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=18716&sid=1084'><img src='http://static.pistolmedia.com/htdocs/faceimages/faceimage1270130354.jpg' /></a></div>Dolled-up Asian shemales Nam and Nadia go 'head-to-head' in this tranny-on-tranny team-up. They suck on each other shemale tootsie rolls, eating every inch like it's going out of fashion. After 69ing each other the engage in some sweet ass-fucking fun that'll have you begging for more double T girl sessions.<br /><br /><span class='rssdets'>Video Length: 16 mins<br />Images: 20 pics<br />Site: Ultimate T-Girl<br />Rating: 3.04<br /></span> UTG Thai Videos http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=18716&sid=1084 Sat, 03 Jun 2017 00:00:00 EDT Kalena Rios http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=18666&sid=1077 <div class='rssimg'><a href='http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=18666&sid=1077'><img src='http://static.pistolmedia.com/htdocs/faceimages/faceimage1269120556.jpg' /></a></div>Kalena's back and she's found a new lover to put some sugar in her bones. Wearing a lovely pair of love heart stockings, she'll charm the pants off you or rip them off, if you'd prefer.<br /><br /><span class='rssdets'>Images: 237 pics<br />Site: Ultimate T-Girl<br />Rating: 4.12<br /></span> UTG Brazilian Pics http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=18666&sid=1077 Fri, 02 Jun 2017 00:00:00 EDT Laisa Lins http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=19691&sid=1080 <div class='rssimg'><a href='http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=19691&sid=1080'><img src='http://static.pistolmedia.com/htdocs/faceimages/faceimage1278296945.jpg' /></a></div>Check out that pout on Laisa Lins. This cheeky T-Girl really knows how to make you lust after her. In this video, she shows off her many fine wares in a striking lingerie number that'll have you begging to see more of that shemale skin.<br /><br /><span class='rssdets'>Images: 20 pics<br />Site: Ultimate T-Girl<br />Rating: 3.50<br /></span> UTG Brazilian Videos http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=19691&sid=1080 Sat, 27 May 2017 00:00:00 EDT Ming http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=20941&sid=1082 <div class='rssimg'><a href='http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=20941&sid=1082'><img src='http://static.pistolmedia.com/htdocs/faceimages/faceimage1283317397.jpg' /></a></div>Looking like something out of Dynasty, Ming returns to UTG with a stylish action set where she gets that ass hammered once again.<br /><br /><span class='rssdets'>Images: 201 pics<br />Site: Ultimate T-Girl<br />Rating: 3.00<br /></span> UTG Thai Pics http://www.ultimatetgirl.com/tour/refstat.php?lid=20941&sid=1082 Thu, 25 May 2017 00:00:00 EDT